Thursday, 29 October 2015

Dark Feelings... Halloween 2015


Ravenholm... The remote, undead-plagued town from Valve's first-person masterpiece, Half Life 2...

Presided over by the eccentric "Father Grigori"... Its last living occupant...

A couple years ago I wandered once more through this place... On that occasion, it was a day after a (real) mass shooting... And I wanted to speak about things...

Yeah... we get into some rock'n'roll too here.

Follow me now on this Halloween journey... Through the zombie-infested ruins of Ravenholm... Through the darker shadows of the human soul...

(Recorded 17 Sept 2013)


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A Favourite Quote of Mine...

Dusting Off An Old Film

Do you know that, years ago, I wrote and directed a short film, shot on 35mm? Back in 1992 shooting on "thirty-five" was a big deal. Now we have smartphones with higher resolution...

Do you know that I was, in a sense, "discovered" by John Board... a producer who worked closely with Cronenberg? John was willing to finish it, but because of circumstances beyond his control, we were unable to do that.

How did it not get finished? It's a long story which I'm not going to dwell on.

But I am going to get it out there, now. I think it's time has come. I'm dusting it off... what I have left of  it (just a video transfer of an answer print)... I'll be editing it and then I'll post it on Youtube shortly.

Here's a bit of the first shot...

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tuk Lai: A Wargame

Tuk Lai is a documentary about some friends playing a double-blind wargame - a semi-fictional military scenario set in Vietnam, 1967.

Filmed in 1997, it's one part realistic operational simulation, one part silly toy soldier fun... with a generous dose of black humour added... and a new rock and roll soundtrack, guys!

Watch as Steve and Peter, the Viet Cong players, attempt to infiltrate and destroy an American firebase, commanded by Orion and Jon, while I (Tim "XFunc" Carter) pull gamemaster duty.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

SERVICES: The Counter-Strike Documentary

The original SERVICES poster, 2000
You are about to see what may be one of the most influential documentaries in videogame history... even though it's never been broadcast (until now).

SERVICES: The CounterStrike Documentary. 

(I've uploaded it to The Sand Table, my Youtube gaming channel.)

SERVICES was seen in three places only:

- At its informal premiere at the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2001.

- At Digifest 2003, "Electronic Cities", in Toronto...

- And at Valve, creator of CounterStrike. Valve first saw SERVICES about 2002.

In fact, it was almost broadcast on television, back before Youtube paved the way for game documentaries, but this was blocked because of "flickering screens".

How much has this documentary influenced this history of videogames?

SERVICES: The CounterStrike Documentary

Produced & Directed by Tim Carter

Video Interview by Mike D'Abramo & Tim Carter

Counter-Strike by Valve Software

Special thanks to all the players who participated.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Reprint: How To Save Counter-Strike

I'm linking to an old article I posted on, more than 10 years ago, called How To Save Counter-Strike. It was, I dare say, first-rate business intelligence, and I also dare to say that Valve mined it for all of its worth. But I'll let you decide whatever for yourself (though it helps if you were around over the past 15 years of gaming to see how Valve, Counter-Strike and Steam evolved)...

Oh yeah, fair warning: it's a bit of a plug for my film SERVICES: The Counter-Strike Documentary. After all, I made it waaayyy before the wave of Youtube gaming videos began -- indeed, it was made before Youtube existed! Back then I had issues getting the release from Valve to broadcast that documentary. The flood of Youtube gaming videos that have since come out have paved the legal precedents for me to now upload SERVICES. I simply didn't have the energy or resources to do that legal work on my own (as a way-back-at-the-start-of-it-all pioneer).

I might also say it has shadows of autistic-spectrum stuff.... but anyway, if you don't like that, tough. (That's how I roll.)

Here's the link: